Paralympics: Third medal game for Lisa Kruger

Harderwijk swimmer Chandelle Gijderweld won silver in the 100m backstroke. He won bronze in the 100m freestyle.

Wheelchair basketball players beat Germany until the final

The Netherlands wheelchair basketball players will compete against China in the final. The Orange defeated Germany 52-42 in the semifinals. China defeated defending champions the United States 41-36. Wheelchair basketball players are the current European and world champions. They won bronze at the London 2012 and 2016 Paralympics.

Auroville had a small lead for a long time against finalist Germany in Rio. However, after some mistakes on the Dutch side, the German players came along in the third quarter. In the exciting last quarter, the Netherlands made good use of the chances, ran out again and did not give up the win.

Mariska Beijer was good for 30 points. Bo Kramer scored 14 points. “This is not our best game, of course not me,” said a relaxed Kramer. “But we fought and defended very hard. I think we won in the end because of that.” The Dutch team lost the match.

Australia offers equal pay for Paralympic medalists

Australian athletes who win medals at the Paralympics will receive the same financial reward as their countrymen who won the Olympics a few weeks ago. Gold yields 20,000 Australian dollars, converted into nearly 12,500 euros. Silver is good for $ 15,000 and bronze for $ 10,000.

Some Paralympic athletes from Australia have complained that unlike Olympic athletes, they do not receive bonuses for winning medals. The Australian government decided to do something about it. The financial reward will take effect immediately.

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This is great news for our amazing medalists at the Paralympics in Tokyo, who volunteered to give everything for the country. They have encouraged and made us happy, ”said Jack O’Callaghan, President of the Australian Paralympic Committee. According to O’Callaghan, the group does not have the financial means to pay the bonus and therefore depends on government support.

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