Parents of triplets get 3 months of Subisco baby care products

Young couple Kevin Bandoy and Altagracia Remy were allowed to go home this week after nearly a month with them. Triplets born on September 19th. As part of their initiative, Suriname Sopesco Sobisco brings back, I decided to support parents for 3 months.

after the arrival of the triplets; Girl, Faith and boys, Kienzio and Forgilio, the family consists of 7 members. Great joy among parents who could finally unite their entire offspring at home, because Furalcia and Cilicia were eagerly waiting for their brothers and sister.

Last Saturday, Sopescu visited the family at home. During this visit, they were informed that they would receive support in the form of baby care products for 3 months.

It’s not the first time the company has done this. On the same day, September 19, but in 2018, the first triplets of the year were also born at Land Hospital. The Pobosi family also received support from Subisco for 3 months.

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