Paris Hilton: “David Letterman deliberately humiliated me” | Entertainment

LettermanTeam s had been asking me to be on the show for months, but I kept refusing because I didn’t want to talk about my time in jail. They keep pushing and at some point a new perfume will come out of my brand, and this was a great opportunity. We did the deal just to talk about my business, so I felt safe and looking forward to it. I have been one of his guests for many years, so we also know each other very well, ”he said Paris.

Hilton trusted a lot, she says, because after a few minutes of talking, Letterman asked, “Hey, what does it mean to be in jail?” “I was totally confused, especially because he kept pushing. It made me very uncomfortable and I really felt like he was intentionally trying to humiliate me. Everything was so mean. During an advertising break, I looked at him and said, ‘Stop this, I promised not to talk about This is. ”But once he turned the cameras on again, he kept working. Then I decided never to return to his program and told him so.”

Letterman later apologized and sent a box of wine to Paris, which refused to pay further attention to the accident.

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