Park Clematis Received many Prestigious Awards & acts as a mega-development

Parc Clematis, a mega-development, has received recognition from a number of professional groups. A total of four EdgeProp Excellence Awards 2020 Virtual Ceremony awards were won by the development: Best Landscape, Best Development, and Top Mega Development.

In Jalan Lempeng, the first road you’ll see after you turn left after the Clementi Mall from Commonwealth Avenue is Parc Clematis Condominium (formerly Park West Condominium). There is a park and an estate nearby, and the Trilinq is also nearby.

The Parc Clematis condo, the former Park West Condominium, was completed in August 2019 and opened just after the seventh-month festival, which occurs in August.

Prior to Singhaiyi Group’s purchase of the property in January 2018 during a collective sale, Park West Condominium stood on the land. A total site area of about 633,644 square feet is planned for Parc Clematis, which will include several blocks.

There are 12 strata semi-detached units, 9 tower blocks, 8 strata terraces, 4 corner terraces, and 6 strata bungalows in the Parc Clematis Condo. All in all, there are 1468 units all, totaling 1468 square feet.


The launch of this condominium that is set within a private residential estate has been eagerly awaited for a while; with many investors interested in purchasing a property in this luxurious enclave.

Eye-Catching Parc Clematis Design

Each residential block was uniquely designed by SingHaiyi in order to meet various needs. Contemporary – designed for young families and hip, trendy lifestyles.

Typical of this design is the monochromatic gray skins covered with mesh panels. The resort’s leisure pool is complemented by lush vertical landscaping, which forms an integral element of its resort lifestyle theme.

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Next, there are three tower blocks called “Elegance” which primarily target families. This design features earth tones built on patterned backdrops, creating a subtly elegant facade.

There is a leisure kid’s swimming pool and dining pavilion in this zone as part of the family resort theme.

Following this is “Signature,” an elegant residential complex designed for those with a taste for classy, elegant architecture. An exclusive hydrotherapy pool is nestled within the lush landscape in addition to the 50m lap pool.

Also included are 12 terraced houses, six bungalows, and a “Masterpiece” theme with earth-toned facades. Homes in this community are nestled among lush greenery and fronted by a 50m lap pool and private gardens. The ambiance of this villa is “exclusive”.

Good Lifestyle for Everyone

A similar strategy has been applied by SingHaiyi to Parc Clematis’ site. The development spans 400,000 square feet, ensuring that residents have sufficient amenities.

A communal kitchen space will allow residents to hone their culinary skills. Residents will also have access to recreational amenities at the development.

Another entertainment room includes a gaming console and a movie theater. The room is transformed into a mini theatre by a sliding door.

Fitness zones equipped with parallel bars, sportbikes, and decline benches help residents maintain an active lifestyle. On the ground, there is a tennis court and a fitness area with a tennis court and fitness zone. Additionally, there is a multipurpose court.

Tons of Facilities in the Parc Clematis

Those who are introverted can also find accommodations there. In some of the lawns and pavilions, residents can relax and read. Clubhouse amenities include a reading room for those who enjoy reading indoors.

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In addition to the adult facilities, there are also facilities for children, including a kids’ pool and a water play zone. Despite their furry friendliness, even the canines are included. A pet park on the property has agility sticks, jump hoops, and balance beams.

The amenities and the Parc Clematis Price List at Parc Clematis are excellent. The Clementi MRT station is six minutes away on the East-West line.

From the CBD, it takes nine stops to get to Shenton Way. In addition to Nan Hua Primary School, Singapore Polytechnic, NUS High School of Mathematics and Science, and the National University of Singapore, many educational institutions are located nearby.

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