Parkhaven Rotterdam: attractive life and leisure

The Parkhaven It will become an attractive area for living and recreation. There can be no more than 650 houses in the area to the left and right Euromast Get to Parkhaven. The sidewalk at Parkhaven will turn into a green sidewalk with trees, benches, and plenty of space for walking and cycling. The mayor and aldermen asked the city council to adopt the Parkhaven borough zoning plan.


“There will be social rent homes, rental homes and owner-occupied homes in the central part, and more expensive rental homes and owner-occupied homes. In other words, housing for all of Rotterdam. We find that the mix of different house types is very important,” says Alderman-Chantal Zeigers (Climate, Building, Housing). She continues: “Because people will live here in the future, it will also be an attractive and lively area to visit at night. It can become a great place to find a balcony or take a stroll along Parkhaven.”

The zoning plan allows for the construction of three apartment buildings north of the Euromast and five apartment buildings south of the Euromast. The height of the residential buildings varies from 26 to 70 metres. Half of the future housing supply will consist of affordable homes.

Green business, restaurants and small scale

The municipality will fully compensate for the green spaces, which must partially give way to new homes. The municipality is planting nearly 300 new trees and other green spaces. He also intends to give as many existing trees as possible a new place within the housing scheme. The new building will be built in a climate-adaptive and nature-inclusive manner, meaning that the space is created with awareness of biodiversity, so that more plant and animal species can live there.

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The residential buildings will provide space for catering, recreational facilities, offices, small businesses, and social facilities, such as a health center. There will be room for all of the existing attractions and boats along Parkhaven. The mini golf course will be moved slightly.

Two car garages and 2,500 bike parking spaces

Two underground parking lots are planned: one north of the Euromast and one south of the Euromast. Since many residents and future users are expected to use public transport and bicycles, there will be approximately 2,500 bicycle parking spaces. In the future, there will be high-quality public transport from Rotterdam Central Station via Maastunnel to Zuidplein, with a fast bus connection. This may be an additional reason to leave the car.


The draft zoning plan was available for inspection between February 28 and April 11, 2022. 109 views (opinions) were received. Most of the opinions concern the impact of housing on the traffic situation, the fear of the disappearance of green spaces, the environmental impacts of housing, the cultural and historical value of the area, the disappearance of parking spaces on the sidewalk, and the consequences for entrepreneurs in the area. Extensive research has been done in all of these aspects.

State opinions on good grounds

The board proposes to the city council to declare that some opinions are justified. For example, the municipal executive is responding to the desire for more parking spaces: There will be room for about 440 parking spaces, instead of the minimum 360 parking spaces, in the two parking garages. This includes space for 200 parking spaces which can still be found on the pavement at Parkhaven. In addition, at the request of Parkhaven entrepreneurs, eight parking spaces for buses will be created, four of which will be near Euromast and four in Parkkade.

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The council understands local residents’ concerns about increased traffic due to the arrival of new homes, but a recent study of traffic shows that the impact of new construction on traffic flow is minimal.

City council decision

The Municipal Council is expected to make a decision on the Parkhaven borough zoning plan in the first quarter of 2023. The Council will take into account the opinions received. The council clerk invites those who submit their views to a hearing and ensures that the memorandum containing the opinions submitted and the response from B and W is published in the digital council information system at

welfare section

From December 20, 2022 to January 31, 2023, the overheid of the Parkhaven Housing Scheme is available for public inspection at The Aesthetics section describes how the characteristics of Parkhaven’s new residence and surrounding green living environment match the character of Parkhaven’s Quay and the atmosphere of Het Park. The environmental permits required to build on Parkhaven will be tested against the aesthetics department.

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