Parking spaces for lhbti in a German city: “Too stupid for words, you’re more vulnerable” | the cars

A new campaign for diversity has caused an uproar in Hanau, Germany. As part of the campaign, three private parking spaces for gay people were created near the parking garage entrance. But not everyone is excited, especially online.

The German city of Hanau in the state of Hesse has allocated three parking spaces in an underground car park in the middle of the LGBTI community. Titled “Hanau will be colourful,” the campaign aims to promote diversity and tolerance in this way.

The walls of the parking spaces are also colorful and they are painted in rainbow colors thus attracting a lot of attention. The car parks were recently opened in the presence of local councilor Thomas Morlock. He stated that the goal was to help people “who have a special need for protection”.

“too weak”

It is precisely this statement by Morloch that is causing division on social media. Because while some Facebook users are happy with it and think the campaign is “cool”, other sites are being ridiculed and criticized by many others. An angry user describes the idea as too stupid for words: Whoever uses this queue is more vulnerable. If some psychopath is plotting something, he chases after his victim and hits him in the head after all outside the guard area. How did you come up with this stupid idea? ”

Another joke about it: Because equality is so important to me, I park my SUV there, so I don’t have to walk far.” Finally, another user says, “It’s basically a good idea, but maybe there’s no extra guard there to help.” In case something goes wrong. Instead, you park your car on a display panel, as it were.” So she concluded with a better suggestion: “Make your entire garage colorful and increase safety overall.”

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Watch the cars and navigation videos below:

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