Part 2: A tour of the Netherlands via Ermelo

Michel Bogerd and Mark Waters lead the 1999 tour of the Netherlands.

Photo: private archive

In episode 144 of “Sports Articles from the Old Box” is a two-part presentation on Thursday 17 August 2000 about the cycling tour of the Netherlands, the fifth of which will pass through Ermelo on Friday 25 August. This is the year that Ermelo and DVS’33 gained national “sporting” fame by “housing” the Portuguese national football team in the context of the European Football Championship “Euro 2000”. Today Part 2, click here for Part 1.

Written by Bram Burgrave.

Tou Lance Armstrong winner (2nd and 4th on the Holland Tours in 1996 and 1998) won’t be present at the US Postal, but the time Tyler Hamilton and Slava Ekimov will be at the start. In Mapei, the trump card Tom Steels will be drawn. The Belgian, a frequent Tour winner, secured his entry to the world team when, as a promising 22-year-old rider for Team Flanders 2002, he won two stages in the sprint group at the 1995 Tour of the Netherlands. Of course his chief servant Max van Heswik was registered.

Italian teams
There are traditionally many runners in Italian teams such as Polti, Lambre-Taikin and Vini Caldirola, but there are also time professionals, such as Jeroen Blijlevens, who have had such a tough run. The Danish Memory Card team will be led by our compatriot Tristan Hoffmann and will also feature percussion masters such as Michael Bloodzon and Martin Rietzel. The Belgian lotto will be built around powerful classics specialist André Chmel, and the French Française des Jeux has fast Lars Michelson. In addition to the eleven Trade team-1, there are three Trade Team-11, including the Dutch BankGiroLoterij-Batavus with Rudi Kemna, Germany’s Cologne team with Raymond Maes and the Belgian Palmans with Nico Eckhout who have previously raced. Many races in Belgium.

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Heavy load
The burden on President Paul Nouwen’s people to drive safely through the Netherlands increases every year, but they are excellently supported by the National Police Agency (Korps Landelijke Politiediensten) to steer the convoy across the country without incident. With dozens of roundabouts, traffic hills and speed bumps hitting dozens of roundabouts, the peloton should be more aware of these obstacles. Just as in previous years, a special security formation assistance, the MTB Foundation from Zoetermeer, has been called in for this purpose, which will protect these specific motorcycle traffic situations.

In addition to the Hubo Leader jersey, other jerseys must be competed for, such as the green Rabobank points classification jersey, Swiss Levine’s traditional round sprint jersey and the white jersey Eclairs jersey for the best driver in the youth classification. A guarantee of top-notch sports that you can watch every day with NOS Studio Sport. The last two hours of the final stage will be broadcast live to Landgraaf. On all other days a comprehensive summary can be seen between 5 PM and 5:25 PM as well as short reports in the daily sports news. From August 21 to 26, 2000, cycling enthusiasts will have the opportunity to watch their favorite rides in action.

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