Part F-35As can be used in KLu operation • Pilot & aircraft

LEEUWARDEN – Officially declared Operational Capacity (IOC) with the Netherlands F-35 322 Force. This means that the security system can temporarily deploy a unit of four F-35s with personnel and equipment anywhere in the world.

Defense thus joins a select group of 8 countries. Countries such as Australia, England, Italy, Norway and the United States surpassed the Netherlands. Reached this milestone by crossing many steps and series of exercises at home and abroad.

The force moved from Liverton to Volgograd in 2020 for Frisian Lightning II training. The purpose was to prepare the unit to move in a very short period of time. Frisian Lightning Exercise I previously trained in packing and making equipment and spare parts. Similar measures were taken this year from Liverton to the United States.

In addition, knowledge gained during initial operational testing and evaluation (IoT & E) led to this milestone. Security has gone through this multi-year process with national and international partners in the United States.

Commander Air Force Lieutenant General Dennis Lloyd on Monday (December 27) announced the defense in line with the IOC’s plan. “With this, we are taking another important step towards becoming the Air Force of the future. Fighter aircraft will only allow for many more.

An F-35.

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