Part Seven Zevin Zossen published: “It really cannot be compared to a doctor’s account.”

Journalist Franca Hummels, who interviewed author Riley, confirms this Seven Sisters It may not be a high point in literary history, but it actually rises above the level of the average doctor’s narration. “It’s also about the role of women in art history, for example. You can take it for granted and say it’s not literature, but at the same time it is reaching a lot of readers. And those who say that aren’t.”

Riley says she no longer wants to read reviews and comments online. “She says she believes it’s a matter of envy and tries not to care about it. But at the same time she also says that she thinks it’s a shame that people don’t see that she’s doing so much research and so long. Tucked in.”

Bedside table

Hamills says the book marketing is primarily aimed at female readers. “It is mainly read by women, and if you look at the covers, you can understand why. Lots of lovely romantic pictures in pink and purple. Women are big buyers of books, so it’s not surprising from a business perspective.”

But Nole adds that more and more men are discovering this series as well. “This often goes through the wife or girlfriend’s bedside table, where the guy picks it up too. We get a lot of good feedback, especially from men, about the history piece.”

Job Jan Altena of Dutch Book Collective Advertising is now happy with every new novel that makes people read it. “Lucinda Riley is a great promoter of reading. People are really waiting for this, they’ve already been waiting for this. The series is also reaching people who haven’t read that much before, which is cool, because they hope they read the other books as the result.”

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According to Altena, Riley’s now announcing that the series won’t end with Book Seven is good news. Because the more readers, the better. “I hope Lucinda Riley can be so successful with guys, especially boys.”

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