Party leaders have their say: Roel Beams (Local Vital)

In the run-up to the municipal elections on Wednesday 16 March, the leaders of the list of participating parties in the municipality of Castricum will speak to us. who are they? What are their motives? And what do they want to achieve for the municipality of Castricum?

Roel Beams: “Don’t brainstorm endlessly, but pick it up, handle it, and keep going”

Lokaal Vitaal enters the municipal elections with the slogan “Pick up, eat and persevere”. Local Vital originated from GDB and CKenG. Roel Beams has been in politics for twelve years and is still paid to mean something to Castricum. “There is still a lot to be done. We are far from finished at Castricum.”

Written by Anas Belzer

There is endless talk in our municipality, but decisions are often not made. Not to mention implementing plans. In some cases, it’s really time to get started. I mention the North End, Wouterland, and the 25-year-old beach development. We’ve been talking about the station area environment for years. We mention two possibilities in our electoral manifesto. Lower the track or move the Mient to the back of the track. “

“A new home”

We have thought carefully about what is most important to our residents. The roof over your head is literally one of life’s basic necessities. We want a thousand new homes in our municipality. We talk about it all the time, but don’t pile any mounds in the ground. Often construction is not possible due to all kinds of regulations from the county. I think we can work more aggressively as a municipality. You just need to add a lot of houses. In our electoral program, we offer many suggestions on where to speed up construction. For example, at the former pool construction site, Kooiplein, on the grounds of the former Maranatha Church, Zuid 111 at Akersloot and many other sites.”

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Health Center

We are the sportiest party in Castricum. For us, the combination of health, exercise and sport is key. Very concretely, we are fully embracing the Akerslot Sports Park and the redesign of Waterland Sports Park. There can be many exercise places for young and old. It doesn’t have to cost much. In countries like Spain and Portugal, you’ll find places to exercise everywhere, including along the coast. Where you can practice cycling, rowing and climbing. Make an exercise plan like a municipality! Also put healthy food on the agenda. This is important for health. We also think about mental health. Also, addressing loneliness among the elderly and young can enhance well-being and health.”

Doctor’s room

Literally give space to GPs. General practitioners need more tasks and more space for their practice. Consider, for example, the practice of Van der Maarel and Doeksen en Tromp. They desperately need more space. We just have to take care of that! “

Tuning N203

“Safety and road safety are important to us. Driving is very fast in many places. With more courier services, more and more unsafe situations arise. We really want to do something about it. In our opinion, the N203 has been a dangerous road for years to do with it “.

lower fees

We want lower taxes on the population, especially since energy prices are going up, inflation is going up and it looks like government pensions are going to be frozen. Organizing the work of BUCH is the largest cost component of the municipal budget. That’s nearly 40 percent of the budget. If you have good control over this, you can reduce the burden on the population. For example, we have four town halls and the hiring of outsiders is ongoing. ICT is an example of where it goes wrong. We have to be much shorter with the ball.”

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“Castricum must continue for future generations. We need to think more about the long-term. What kind of village do we want for our children? We must also put climate adaptation on the agenda. What do we do with the flood? Lokaal Vitaal has a strong program and strong candidates.” I am sure we will become the biggest party.” (Photo: Provider)

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