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Mar 12, 2023 at 8:54 p.m

Traffic and transportation

BUNNIK The second transit information evening, on March 8th at Location78, was again well attended by about a hundred people. This time, the municipality has shown pictures of what this transit could look like in the future. With an eye on the future: This is not a building plan and there is no money for it. It’s a vision that future projects, such as the Veenendaal-USP bike path (which is largely paid for by the county), should fit right into.

By Fritz Bejenink

The vision was created in collaboration with a range of sounding boards including the Neighborhood and Shopkeepers Associations, the District, the Cyclists Association and the Pedestrians Association. In the previous informational evening, more than three hundred suggestions and responses were collected from residents. The main problems experienced by residents are transit problems at several intersections, road safety in the shopping center and at the entrances to the Van Dam timber trade and the Fruitveiling office area, and road safety problems caused by fast cyclists. Top Wishes: Speed ​​reduction on the main road to 30km per hour, cyclists fast not on the cycle path but on the main road, recognizable sidewalks, clear parking, safe and healthy school areas and greenery.

Street in Punic

The starting point in the vision presented is more space for pedestrians, cyclists, and green spaces, and less space (through) vehicle and freight traffic. It should become easier for pedestrians to cross the lane in different places. The crossing should become a street (village) in Bunnik, rather than a toll road. The drawings show the green squares, at the location of the current intersection of the line with Van Hardenbroecklaan and Dorpstraat (“Bonekerplein”) and at Sint-Barbarkerk and Moulinweg. The traffic of cars and buses passes there at a maximum speed of 30 km per hour, through an open space paved with green spaces.

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“Bonekerplein”, where traffic passes slowly and pedestrians and cyclists cross a wide area. Green areas emphasize the character of the square. Punic municipality

Intersections with Maatschapslaan, Huib van de Vechtlaan/De Gaarde and Smalleweg will be provided with an elevated platform. The intersection at Van Zijldriv will become a roundabout – there will probably be money for this in the form of regional support of 2.2 million euros. In this circular lane, the cycle path along the transverse road connects with the cycle paths to Houten (via the cycle bridge over the A12) and Van Dampad along the railway line – the latter is attractive to fast cycle traffic in the direction of Odijk due to the lack of a crossroads Railway and several intersections and side roads.

Squares (yellow) and raised platforms (orange) in Cross Punic. Punic municipality

other profile

The main road will become narrower and will have parking lots on both sides. The southern parallel road (service road) disappears, giving way to a clear sidewalk and bike path. There is now plenty of curbside parking on this parallel road. The northern parallel road provides space for the Veenendaal-USP cycle route and a sidewalk. Cars are guests here, but they will not be allowed to park here.

Current and target cross section to traverse. The left side of both files is the north side, on the shopping center side. Punic municipality


Responses from the residents’ last evening are processed and costs will be estimated. In June, the city council will adopt the vision as a starting point for future developments. The county should receive the Veenendaal-USP bicycle road subsidy application in September. It promises two million euros for the entire route through Odijk and Bunnik (excluding the cycle route via Eikenpadplantsoen, for which a separate subsidy of eight hundred thousand euros is available). When crossing, the two million can only be spent on measures “benefiting to achieve a cycle path through the crossing.” The vision and all photos can be found at Municipality website.

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