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The European Travel Commission (ETC) has strongly condemned the new stringent enforcement measures against passengers announced by the British government yesterday. “Passengers are not criminals,” said Luis Arazo (head of ETC).

In addition to introducing two mandatory post-arrival checks and mandatory ‘isolated packages’ for travelers from ‘red list’ countries, the new rules include severe financial penalties and imprisonment for non-compliance. Travelers from dangerous countries can now Imprisonment for up to ten years If they do not provide proper travel information.

The European Travel Commission, an association representing the national tourism organizations of European countries, calls on the United Kingdom to urgently reconsider these drastic measures. “There has to be a decision to compare travel to serious crime,” Arazo said.

“Passengers are not criminals and should not face various legal consequences for returning home from another country,” Arajo said. “It is important to strike a balance between prudent public health measures and safeguarding the connection and movement of citizens.”

“We hope that with the immunization and testing of arrival and departure, effective surveillance systems and health measures, interstate travel can be safely restored. We ask you to search. ”

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