Passengers will be back to square one after 13.5 hours

Passengers on an Airbus A380 from Emirates took off from Dubai on Friday and landed back there almost fourteen hours later.

Flight EK448 normally flies from Dubai to Auckland, New Zealand. The flight then takes more than 15 hours, but then passengers have covered a huge distance and landed thousands of kilometers away. Friday’s trip was a little different. After flying for seven hours, the A380 suddenly overturned in the sea. The Airbus took more than six hours to land Back in Dubai.

The Super Jumbo was forced to turn back as it was temporarily impossible to land at Auckland Airport. Due to severe storms, the terminal comes to a standstill Under water And no flights can happen. Several passengers posted photos of the flooding on Twitter. They could not even leave the terminal. The airport has advised passengers not to come to the airport.


Inverted planes are a well-known phenomenon. In such situations, it is often a technical or medical problem. But a month ago, a Jetstar Boeing 787 had to return for a special reason. By A Information error The plane was not allowed to land at Bali Airport and returned to Melbourne, leaving passengers on board for more than eight hours.

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