Password-free work beyond identification is possible

Penelox announced today that it is expanding its operations in other EU countries, beyond just providing password-free identity management solutions. The company has strengthened its sales, marketing and engineering team and is preparing to open a data center in Frankfurt. The Benelux area is an important part of strategic development beyond identity due to the high quality internet infrastructure.

In April 2020 Beyond identity Founded by Silicon Valley Heavyweights Jim Clark and Tom (DJ) Germoluk, the company offers a revolutionary identity management solution Without passwords. The use of insecure passwords is replaced by asymmetric cryptography, which is used within the DLS protocol (formerly SSL: lock at the top of the address bar). The company’s proven, secure and scalable approach eliminates the need for passwords and complex login procedures. In addition, it puts an end to cyber threats such as account acquisition and ransomware attacks.

Europe plays a key role in identity development beyond identity, as shown by new investments. Beyond identity it seeks to strengthen its presence in the following ways:

  • Staff Extension: Beyond Identity filled 16 sales, marketing and engineering vacancies in the first quarter. This number is expected to grow to over 20 by the end of 2021.
  • UK Office Opening: Identity forecasts the opening of an office in London in the third quarter of this year beyond European development plans.
  • A data center opened in Frankfurt: With this facility, the company aims to provide scalable services to meet the needs of European customers who must comply with strict security and privacy regulations.
  • Opening of a European Engineering Center: With this technology expertise center, it provides regional technical support to its site beyond recognition.
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This expansion for Benelux and other EU countries comes at a time when companies are increasingly exposed to digital risks and cyber attacks that abuse traditional authentication methods. The European Union and the United Kingdom recognize the need for security and privacy, especially one after the other Registration number of user account hijacking attempts And ransomware attacks that exploit stolen and leaked passwords. Beyond the goal of identity is to restore trust in authentication chains by permanently terminating passwords as a weak link in security.

The decision to expand its presence in Europe beyond recognition follows the achievements of continuous growth milestones and product portfolio expansions. In addition, the company recently raised a total of $ 105 million from investors. Beyond Identity recently announced integrations with Auth0, Okta and ForgeRock solutions. In doing so, it protects companies and their employees from cyber attacks that exploit login credentials and eliminates end-user frustration due to inefficient login processes.

Beyond identity, CEO and co-founder Tom (DJ) Jermol said: “Many marketers misuse the word ‘password-free’. These companies use ‘patches’ for passwords, but do not remove them. Beyond identity, our mission is to protect passwords. Completely inactive, we see great opportunities to do so in the UK and EMEA markets. Our innovative technology continues to authorize users to change insecure passwords for our customers and enable zero trust access control and ensure the security of every device with every login request. Expanding to Europe is an exciting step as we continue our mission to empower companies, remove passwords once and for all and assist them. “

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