Pastor Gucci van Erp resigned after ten years | Best, Mirijstad and son

Best of all – after 10 years as a pastor within Antonius in the Bastille faith community, Gucci van Erp has resigned. “I already announced this in early 2020. I am now 60 years old and would like to visit the family for the fourth time with my husband. Although I have to postpone it for now. ”

How did you get into this job?

“It almost went unnoticed. I came from a deeply religious family. I was an altar boy at Antonioskirk in Wilhelminador in Bells. Spirituality and faith have always been of interest to me. Then, through branch work, my family and a lot of volunteer work, I began to do more for the church. Work fed me, and I began to pursue a theological education there, where I felt like a fish in the water. I became a pastor with Bishop Hans von Larhoven, and when he began to work at Vitalis, I fully accepted his work. “

A special woman as a pastor.

“St. Anthony’s Church has always been progressive. Pastor Schroer’s is my best example, the best supporter of women in the church. He was very special to me at the time. He got me a place because of him, but he kept me grounded.” It’s good. “I remember it very well because sometimes I asked myself a little too much.”

How do you look back on your work?

“In Fujian, Antonius operates according to tradition. We put it in a modern blanket, with different types of rituals and ceremonies. Our church does not exclude anyone. It makes us different and better. There is a lot of joy in faith. I have given a lot and received a lot of beautiful things in return. ”

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What do you think of Pope Francis’ call for more women in the Church business?

“Pope Francis took office when our faith community split. He has that progressive look just like us. Everyone in our church is welcome. The number of visitors per week is high at our services. Unfortunately, he’s not just about all the changes that take place within the church.”

Can you preach anywhere?

,, I do not think so. Antonius in Beijing is an active religious community. The movement has united us. I know everyone, everyone knows me because I come from them. I get a lot of commitment and satisfaction from that. I’m like that, and I want to stay right there: one of them. ”

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