Paul does not enter the UK without a health certificate

Dutch dairy products must have a health certificate to be allowed to travel to the United Kingdom (UK) from April 1. This is one of the new rules drawn up in the context of Brexit. They are introduced gradually. Certifications will be maintained from July 1st.

The main exporting country for Dutch dairy is the UK. The Netherlands exports about 40,000 tons of cheese each year. Friesland Campina is responsible for half of this. According to reports, the dairy cooperative exports Sokomala to the UK Brexit locomotive.

What is particularly exciting for the Friesland Campina on April 1 is that the company is relying on British and Dutch inspection and customs services for the final important steps. ‘From April 1, compulsory veterinary certification will be based on rules drawn up by the British Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) in England,’ said Wim Glusterborg, manager of the Firmland Company of Trade and Dairy.

Waiting days

The use and processing of veterinary health certificates leads to waiting days. Dairy products can be sold before Brexit. Some products, such as cheese, should be ready for inspection soon. ‘All of this often leads to taking up extra space that is not available,’ continues Clusterboyer.

Brexit can also lead to long traffic lanes. For example, for transport to Ireland, which always passes through the UK, a different route is required. And transport plates, which apply a standard within the EU, must comply with international standards for UK transport. “It also incurs additional costs,” says Klusterboyer.

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