Paul Rudd and Will Ferrell Star in The Shrink Next Door, a great addition to the AppleTV+ catalog

Anyone in contact with a psychiatrist will confirm: Psychiatrists are special people. In the new series next door shrink A very special version will be offered. Paul Rudd plays Ike Herschkopf, one of New York’s most famous psychiatrists. Puts Marty Morkowitz to the ground, an insecure man increasingly falls into the hands of his aide.

next door shrink It’s the latest addition to the AppleTV+ catalog that’s still quite a few, but it already has some headlines at the same time. Ted Lasso It is the most famous of them, but it is also a series like for all mankindAnd Attempt employment Mr. Corman Recommended, just like great documentaries 1971: The year that changed music. Then on January 14 Macbeth, a promising Joel Coen movie starring Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand.

what’s the story next door shrink What makes it even more special is the fact that it happens. After all, the series is based on a podcast by Wondery, about a psychiatrist who uses his patients for personal gain. This is illustrated here based on the story of Marty, a 40-year-old man who has just separated from his fiancée and also lost his parents in a short time. As a result, he is unexpectedly entrusted with the responsibility of the family business that trades in textiles, and he has to run a position that does not suit him at all.

Chronically unsafe

After all, Marty is chronically insecure and suffers from panic attacks. That’s why his sister Phyllis (Katherine Hahn is always good) suggests talking to a psychiatrist. At first, Marty reacted negatively: he sees no point in talking to a stranger, and even when he goes to the doctor’s office a little later, he sits there all the time, declaring that all is well. And he doesn’t really know why. I have come.

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But Ike quickly punctures this situation and turns out to be matching it between the two. Charming, but also intelligent and understanding, Ike decides to embark on a journey with Marty. It’s immediately obvious that Ike has a special way of working. He takes Marty to his ex-wife’s house who wants to make Marty pay for another trip to Mexico, even though they are separated. But he also goes to play basketball or have lunch with him.

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Things get uncomfortable once Ike starts charging Marty for extra time and intrudes deeper and deeper into his own life. When he proposes to Marty to get his bar mitzvah back because he has bad memories of her, Ike invites his friends to complete the guest list. As a result, Marty wanders into his party, where hardly anyone knows and hardly anyone knows who he is. His sister Phyllis is not present, as the two get into a fight as Ike constantly pits Marty and his sister against each other.

Every minute of the day is upset

Which next door shrink It works so well all thanks to the cast. Paul Rudd is so disguised as the stunned witch psychiatrist that he explains everything, but the viewer soon realizes he has ulterior motives. Will Ferrell is better than Marty, who feels visibly uncomfortable every minute of the day and finds a foothold at the psychiatrist. Marty relinquishes control of his life to make fewer decisions for himself. By doing that to the Doctor, he’s putting his trust in a man who is power to him, and so he can’t mean any harm, right?

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Doctor. Ike also goes further, and when the psychiatrist discovers that there’s also a house in the Hamptons, a Swiss bank account and a valuable collection of jewelry, he knows for sure that he’s tossed in a gold rush with Marty. A golden stand that can be assaulted.

The Doctor goes above and beyond, and allows Marty to go beyond his limits. He will hand control of the family business, allow the doctor to move to his parents’ country retreat, serve at Ike’s party, and write him his novels. And the funny thing is – we repeat it again – that this series is based on a true story.

Jesus Christ is a star

next door shrink Apple classifies it as a comic and that’s partly true, but it’s a tragicomedy. We once laughed so hard during the candle scene while Ike and Marty were Jesus Christ is a star Sitting in the hall on Broadway. We’d like to let you discover for yourself how this works. It’s time to go AppleTV+ again, then.

next door shrink Available now every Friday on AppleTV+.

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