Paul surprises everything and everyone: “Now I know I can compete with the best players in the world”

She now had so much self-confidence that she dared to adjust the rhythm of her step: from sixteen to fifteen between obstacles. It saves time. “My technique has improved dramatically and I am improving my speed. That was already evident in the Dutch championship in the 200 metres. I had no injuries,” she says of her rapid development.


With three wins in six days, the communication science student set the course for Tokyo. On Tuesday you will play another Diamond League match in England. Then I went to Japan, where the Dutch athletics team completed a training camp in Chiba.

“I put together a tough puzzle for the games. This year I thought I’d be competing with girls running 52.8 or 52.9 in the 400m hurdles. Now I know I can compete with the first two. It’s pretty cool.”

By the first two, you mean American woman Sidney McLaughlin, who was the first woman to dive in under 52 seconds (51.90) in the Olympic selection competitions in America, and old world record holder Dalilah Muhammad. “I am looking forward to their races. It will be a great race to watch.”

different than usual

The pressure in Tokyo is great. “I read less media, check my phone a bit, follow social media a bit less, but at the same time I also have high expectations. Of course these will be different than usual, but it’s still the Olympics. It’s my first play and I’m really looking forward to it” , notes with a smile. Her coach Moeli sees another huge advantage. “Fimki does not suffer from nerves.”

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