Paul Verhoeven’s classic Total Recall can be watched on Veronica Channel on Saturday

Although Paul Verhoeven has mainly caused a stir in the Netherlands with raw reality films, he is known mainly in Hollywood as a science fiction director. It owes that stature in part to the classic action and SF movie Total recallArnold Schwarzenegger starring. Watch the movie on Veronica on Saturday and you can Total recall They stream via Amazon Prime and Netflix, among others.

the story
Douglas Quaid would love to go to Mars. Since this is not possible, he is calling a company that sells memories. This way he hopes to see something from Mars. However, something is wrong with putting memories in his head. Douglas remembers this as a secret agent fighting an enemy from Mars. From that moment on, he ended up in a whirlpool of events.

Rating guide: ★★★★
After Verhoeven had made his Hollywood debut with Robocop (1987), he moved straight on to the next science fiction movie. This time he had access to lucrative star Arnold Schwarzenegger and rising talent, which we will also see in Verhoeven’s next movie: Sharon Stone. The story is wonderfully bizarre, but it also brings fun in American culture (again) and underlines Verhoeven’s reputation as a great satirist for the United States. It also contains some typical Verhoevian scenes, like the woman with three breasts. A movie you must watch.

Alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger (Consumed(In Rachel Tikotin)A man is burning(They are also Sharon Stone)Basic instinct(In Ronnie Cox)Robocop) Appeared in this movie. This production is directed by Paul Verhoeven (Starship soldiers).

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Total recall (1990) It had a rating of 7.5 on IMDb and can be seen on Veronica on Saturday January 23 at 10:10 PM. Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller. Duration: 113 minutes.

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