Pauline Wingelaar looks back on an eventful year: ‘Grateful, but still a lot of sadness’

Michelle Obama

The former First Lady of the United States wishes everyone another year full of happiness, love and health. Includes a happy image.

Moise Trustful

Quente’s daughter had no idea she’d be able to meet her mom on the show The masked singer: “Now I can’t say you can’t sing.”

Kim Lien van der Meg

The presenter participates in the program Who is a mole? The first episode survived.

Gordon Hawcroth

The singer thinks of his deceased mother on her birthday. “Congratulations mom, kiss dad.”

Nicolette Van Damme

The good intentions of the actress? Making beautiful memories. The first is real…”

Katya Schurmann

The actress welcomes her new nephew: Jamie. ‘you are very beautiful. This is the first meeting between niece and nephew.

Olcay Golsen

Under her message, the anchor and entrepreneur wrote, “The first selfie of 2022.” “There may be more to follow.”

Patricia Bay

The singer shares a photo of her and her mid-’90s sister. “I’m glad I live near my family now.”

Pauline Wengelaar

From Gooische real mother Looking back on an eventful year. A year I will never forget. This beautiful dream that eventually turned into my worst nightmare. On September 30, our daughter Belle was born very early at 22 weeks. We were kicked out of that pink cloud so hard. What an indescribable pain and sadness.

“Yes, I count my blessings more difficult now and yes, the boys are such a relief and yes, I am so grateful for everything I have. But I have a lot of grief too. My heart is crying. I find it very exciting to close 2021, because 2021 is the year of our beautiful Belle But we have so many dear family and friends around us, who are incredibly supportive of us with this grief.

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