Paul’s favorite for the semi-finals of the 400m in the European Indoor Championships without any problems | Currently

The best Fimk Ball player qualified to the semi-finals of the 400m race without much trouble at the European Indoor Athletics Championships in Toru, Poland, on Friday. Nadine Brorsen still has a chance to win a medal after three parts of the fifth.

Paul is one of the stars of this indoor season. The 21-year-old Dutchman has set a Dutch record no less than four times in recent weeks and with a time of 50.64 seconds, she is the fastest European woman this winter.

Amersfoortse didn’t have to go to great lengths in the European Indoor Championships series Friday morning to win her series. With 52.77 she was a tenth faster than the Belarusian Hanna Mikhailava, who took second place. Paul wanted to win the qualifiers so he could start with the best job in the semi-finals.

“It takes a while for me to get used to being my favorite,” Paul said. “I used to be able to walk straight to the locker room after the race, but now the media stopped me everywhere, until BBC He asked me questions. But I really like it all, really enjoy it. “

Lucky Claver, also a medal candidate, followed Paul’s lead and won in the second round with a time of 52.74.

Lisanne de Witte has just reached 1st and 2nd places in its heat. After much tug of war, the Dutch record holder was a hundred faster than the third-seeded, Lada Vondrova of the Czech Republic, by 52.82. Only the first players from each series qualified directly to the semi-finals.

Dutch men are winning the heat

The three Dutch also qualified for the 400m semi-finals. Tony Van Depen was the fastest Dutch player. The bronze medal winner in 2019 achieved 46.54 hours, which was the best time for all participants.

Liemarvin Bonevacia identified a time of 46.69. He was crowned champion for the Netherlands last month, hitting a Dutch record of 45.99, which is also the best time in Europe this year. Joshim Dober won his series in 47.05.

The semi-finals of the 400-meter race for men and women will be held on Friday evening and the final match on Saturday evening.

Liemarvin Bonevacia started his European Indoor Championships well.

Liemarvin Bonevacia started his European Indoor Championships well.

Liemarvin Bonevacia started his European Indoor Championships well.

Photo: ANP

Broersen placed fourth temporarily in the quintet

Nadine Brorsen is fourth in the pentathlon after three parts. The Dutch ranked ninth in the 60-meter hurdles (8.48 seconds), eighth in the high jump (1.77 meters) and fourth on the shot (14.04 meters), and she is unhappy. “I’m tired of it, because I just have to be in good shape. I feel so good. I also can’t put my finger on what goes wrong,” Brewerson said.

With 2759 points, Broersen is 76 points behind third-placed Hungarian Xénia Krizsán, with the long jump and 800 meters remaining. As expected, the Belgian Navisato Thiam is at the top (3024 points), ahead of her compatriot Nur Fedets (2867).

“I’m curious about what I can do in the long jump,” Broersen said. “If I still have a medal show after that, I’ll fight for it in the 800 meters, because it’s a championship and it will always be.”

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There was no Dutch success in the 800-meter series. Brett O’Meill had no chance due to falling into the ultimate sprint. Brigitte Slott and Suzanne Forrebs did not manage to reach the top three in their qualifiers.

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