Pay if your litter doesn’t separate: Monopoly Community Fund Cards are socially conscious

Nick Eddwin, magazine editor Game!, The magazine of the National Gamer Association, understands the changes.

“There have been a lot of tweaks in the past, as well as a lot of game variants,” Ederveen knows. “a star WarsEdition, Disney version, you name it. It is the first time that the content of the original texts has been adapted. “

Ederveen also sees texts on community fund cards change as a “natural way” to generate publicity. “Fans around the world are being asked to vote, in general, in a smart way to get attention.”

Fat but a little ‘cool’

Ederveen isn’t playing the game anymore. “I’m tired of it now, but I grew up with classics like Monopoly. It’s kind of a cultural heritage, too.” That is why Ederevin thinks losing ancient texts is unfortunate.

I still have to laugh old-fashioned. A question like that about second place in a beauty contest, for example, I find it very cool. Plus, there is a text like that about “The bank’s fault in your favor” is kind of good The year. This reference to monopoly will be lost to the new generation of monopoly players. But I think there are a lot of new things that have to be invented. “

Card selection will end in the fall, and the exact date new cards will be introduced is unknown. Currently, voting can be conducted all over the world. The content of the new texts – as in the previous version – is the same worldwide.

The Netherlands is at the top

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What if the Dutch electorate was not completely wiped out by voters from densely populated countries like India or the United States? It wasn’t that bad. In fact, according to Hasbro, the Netherlands currently ranks first on the list of countries that voted the most.

The game maker doesn’t have an average rating for the most popular cards yet. Ter Hofsté has a personal favorite. The card: “You are knitting soft vests for naked cats at the local animal shelter, for sure.”

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