Pay TV channel numbers around the world are still increasing now D2C

According to the latest figures released by the Point Topic Research Center, global pay TV numbers are still increasing despite the faster growth in consumer live shows.

According to Point Topic, the number of pay TV subscribers increased by 4.6% in the year through December 2020, up just over one percentage point on a quarterly basis.

The device found that the number of subscriptions to leading D2C streaming shows such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney + grew by more than 50% during the year.

The number of IPTV subscribers over fiber grew by 10%, while the number of subscribers to DSL-based IPTV grew by 5%. Cable TV was flat, increasing by less than 1%, while the number of satellite channels decreased by 7%.

Pay TV numbers, based on a survey of 162 operators in 66 countries, totaled 864 million, with 38 million net additions in the fourth quarter. Fixed broadband subscriber growth in the year to the fourth quarter was 1.6%, which means that pay TV channels continue to grow faster.

FTTH-based IPTV is rising in numbers from China, with 315 million pay-TV customers receiving services in this way.

The top ten countries to enter pay TV homes, other than OTT numbers, are Portugal, South Korea, and the United Kingdom – the numbers nonetheless include Freeview – Finland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, Belarus, France and China, according to Point Subject, with more than 100% penetration in the three markets.

For the UK, Point Topic found that Netflix’s home penetration is now close to Freeview, which has a 60% penetration rate, while Amazon Prime Video is growing rapidly, reaching 40% of homes now.

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