PBL: Don’t just think about the short term when it comes to designing the Netherlands

When organizing the Netherlands and allocating scarce space, the new government must make appropriate choices for the future. The Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency writes this in a report. In the past, land and space were mainly used for economic use, such as intensive livestock farming. Especially since the Netherlands is now facing such major challenges, and this is increasingly taking its revenge on them.

Divide the space fairly
The most important task of the closet is to redistribute the space more equitably. When the focus now is on economical use, this has to be more balanced with sustainability and the value of comfort: what space benefits citizens of. This requires more responsibilities for the Council of Ministers, as these tasks still largely fall on the shoulders of municipalities and governorates. Researchers say this sometimes requires difficult choices. Politicians have postponed these decisions for a long time.

Housing construction and infrastructure
According to the PBL, future-proof steps must also be taken in housing. Researchers see a drive to build homes in as simple locations as possible. In doing so, the time required to build the appropriate infrastructure is neglected, writes PBL. As a result, some areas where many people live are difficult to reach. (ANP)

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