Peaky Blinders Season 6 ends with an episode of about 1.5 hours long

here still waiting release meager masks on NetflixBut there’s still something more to look forward to. The final episode of the season, and thus of the entire series, will last 81 minutes. That’s about the length of the movie. This may be because the creators want to hint at a secondary show with the last episode.

In the UK it is the sixth and final season of meager masks It was on the BBC for a while. We still have to wait until June 10, because then the series will hit Netflix. However, director Anthony Byrne has already shared a fun fact about wrapping up the series, which will run for about an hour and a half. In addition, the final episode will also be more like a movie in terms of cinematography. With this, manufacturers want to fully open the door to an episodic film.


That the sixth season of meager masks The latter will be, who was equally well known. However, it seems far from over for Thomas Shelby and his followers, as creator Stephen Knight previously announced that another movie is on the way. Only then, according to him, will the story be completely closed. To present this film there is the last episode of meager masks The sixth season: an episode that lasts about an hour and a half, in which various cinematic aspects were used.

In an interview with Director Anthony Byrne talked about how that final episode differs from the rest of the season. “It just feels so different from the rest of the episodes and everything we’ve done before. It’s really something special. The episode feels like a movie and it’s kind of a precursor to what’s to come.” We can’t wait to see what the next episode and movie will bring!

Watch the trailer for meager masks Season 6 is here:

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