Pennepoel’s new social housing project is also providing space for … (Mechelen)

Pennepoel's new social housing project also provides neighborhood parking space

The location is at Gasthuisveldstraat where the neighborhood social housing project and car park will be located.
Photo: Dirk Virtumen

Mechelen –

Woonpunt Mechelen is planning a new project with six social homes in Gasthuisveldstraat. This is good news for Pennepoel residents, because there is also a neighborhood parking space with 26 places.

The Katarina Church Factory currently still owns the plot of land where the Social Housing Corporation is planning the project. “Here in Gasthuisveldstraat, we go to three new family homes, three new apartments and a neighborhood parking garage,” says Arthur Orleans (Vld-Groen-m +), president of Woonpunt. Ownership will likely transfer between the community and the church factory in the middle of this year.

During the construction of the project, the car park in the neighborhood will be a construction site first. The construction of the parking spaces begins only after that. The city issued a subsidy of 57,000 euros for this. “With the ambition to open two car parks in the neighborhood annually, we are now working as the city council to establish a parking lot in District 5. The site is in a neighborhood with high parking pressure. Vicky Vanmark (Vld-Groen-m +), a local mobility councilor, says:” This gives the area more breathing space. ”

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