Perez and Verstappen clearly on Red Bull: “We have to do it better as a team”

Lars Lieftink

Tuesday, March 21, 2023 8:43 PM – Last Updated: 8:44 PM

The 2023 season has started brilliantly for both Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez, but it hasn’t been without problems. Both drivers have already had problems in 2023 and Red Bull will be looking to resolve this in Australia and throughout the season.

Both Perez and Verstappen have already faced reliability issues in 2023. Where many immediately think of the engine, the RB19 has so far focused mainly on the driveshaft and gearbox. Both drivers are working on the second gearbox from the Jetta. Although Perez and Verstappen have already claimed pole position, victory and second place, Red Bull’s drivers have plenty of reason to worry.

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Perez is clearly headed for Red Bull

Perez says in the interview Red Bull really needs to work on improving reliability. “We saw last Sunday at Aston Martin. At some point it will hit us too, so we have to work hard. It’s lucky we’re in such a comfortable position in Bahrain. If we push hard at the end, we might not have finished the race. There are a lot of reliability concerns at the moment, especially in the short term and we won’t be affected. I believe so.”

Verstappen joins Perez

Verstappen admits his words in response to his Mexican team-mate. “We need to do well as a team in that area, but we also need to have smooth weekends. It will be good either way.” For now, Red Bull are at the top of both championships, just like last year, and not much has happened in terms of performance.

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