Performance in Windows 11 – Introduction – Background

With Windows 11, Microsoft was able to bring the world’s attention to its PC operating system for the first time in years. The new interface will instantly differentiate any Windows 11 device in the Store from all interchangeable Windows 10 PCs in the past six years. But does the new Windows version provide better performance as well as a new touch of paint? Tweakers dive into their own test lab.

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Compared to the preview version Microsoft released this summer, not much has changed functionally to Windows 11. The build since then – number 22000 – is exactly the same as the version now being rolled out to the general public, with only a higher number after that. interval. To get an overview of all the new features in Windows 11, we’d like to refer you to our previous previews, in the format text employment picture.

However, a lot has also been changed under the hood. Not least because the 21H1 and 20H2 updates were small cumulative patches, effectively making Windows 11 the first full Windows upgrade since May 2020. So you get all the deeper improvements Microsoft has been developing over the past year and a half in one go. A concrete example is the heavily modified WDDM 3.0 GPU and table engine model, which should be able to efficiently handle large configurations. Intel Alder Lake-CPU.

Of course it’s hard to test unreleased processors, but we’ve been working hard in recent days to evaluate the many laptops and desktops out there. Sometimes we see a little difference, but in a number of cases we were surprised by the test results with Windows 11.

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Also check out our previous video preview of Windows 11:

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