Peruvian parliament submits an article to impeach President Boulwart | Abroad

Peruvian representatives put forward a motion for the impeachment of President Dina Boulwart. Widespread protests have been taking place in Peru for weeks over the trial and arrest of former President Pedro Castillo.

The motion was signed by at least 20 left-wing MPs who supported Castillo. According to the suggestion, Bulwart is unable to perform her duties. But the proposal will not be formally discussed until it has been approved by 52 votes. It is not yet known when it will be voted on.

Boulwart called for a cease-fire on Tuesday. I tried to end the unrest and demonstrations in the country. She said she wanted “dialogue, peace and unity”.

Her invitation made no difference. Protesters continue to demand her resignation in the streets. They are calling for new elections and the release of former President Castillo.

Boulwart came to power in December last year after her predecessor was deposed. Castillo is very popular among the indigenous people of the country and immediately took to the streets after his removal. Castillo wanted to prevent a vote of no confidence in December by dissolving Parliament. Then he was arrested.

Polwart said earlier this month that it could not meet the protesters’ demands. “The only thing that can be done is to move the elections forward. We have already proposed that,” the president said.

Violent protests continued for weeks. Protesters destroy cars, set fires, and often clash with the police. Tear gas is used, among other things. At least 39 people have been killed in the protests. More than 70 people were injured.

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