Peter Bosz says ‘no’ to Twente: ‘Now my wife has to sleep in the guest room’ | Dutch football

with videoPeter Bosz will not be the new coach of FC Twente. The 59-year-old from Apeldoorn was in the picture to become Ron Jans’ successor at Enschede, but has told club management that he is pinning his hopes on a “bigger club”.

Ralph Blaglevens

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03-04-23, 22:07

Boss said that Monday night at the table on Rondo, Ziggo Sport’s football talk show. “I had a conversation with FC Twente. There I listened to what they want and what they plan to do. I told the club it was still early for me. Actually a few years too early,” says Boss. “I hope there will be a bigger club.”

After six tropical years abroad, Peter Boss is back on Veloy’s lap. Read his extensive interview with this newspaper here. “I now speak French, German, English and a little Japanese. I think this is perhaps one of the greatest enrichments of my life.”

The coach is looking for a club and does not want to decide on his future yet. “Next season I really want to be back on the bench, but in practice most clubs often make a decision at the end of May, beginning of June. I understand FC Twente, they have to continue, but I wouldn’t choose Twente now.”

The decision was hard at Huize Bosz, the 59-year-old former coach of Heracles, among others, and he added with a smile: “I’ve been sleeping in the guest room for a month. My wife is from Enschede, so she was angry, yeah.”

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In a conversation with FC Twente, Peter Bosse told Enschede that he did not want to work there as a coach. “FC Twente came to me very early,” he said on the football talk show Rondo on Monday evening. © AFP

Boss indicated that he wanted to win a prize in his career with a big club. “Every coach wants that. In the year I was at Ajax (2016/17, ed.), it was possible. With 81 points, we finished second behind Feyenoord that season. In the other clubs where I was coach, I was sub-ranked.”

Where Bosz hopes to be a coach next season, he left in the middle. Holland is an option, why not? But outside is also good for me.

Returning to Ajax, where a decision has yet to be made on the eventual succession of the expelled Alfred Schroeder (Jon Hettinga will be in the squad until the end of the season anyway), is not ruling out for Boz. “If they call, I will definitely talk, although, of course, I also spoke to Twente.”

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