Peter Gillis and Robert Ronday are lifelong friends on again

Good friend Robert Ronday

So hurt Peter that his former employee and good friend Robert Ronday told Story in a recent interview that he was disappointed in him. In addition, Peter believed that Robert was spreading lies about him. Their friendship ends after Robert’s departure from Peter’s Holiday Park. This caused a rift between the two men. “Then I picked up the phone and invited Robert over for a cup of coffee,” said Peter Storey while living in Nehrbelt, Belgium. I said: What did you say in the story? Yes I was angry. I did not endorse what Robert said. I didn’t like it. As an entrepreneur, sometimes you have to say goodbye to people.

Deeply disappointed

Robert had been out for three months, was in the hospital with a heart attack, and I noticed that everything at work continued the same. Without Robert. Then it is very unpleasant to say goodbye to him, but it was superfluous. I didn’t want to kick him out, we parted well. We also continued talking to each other, he came to eat with me and Nicole again. Then I read this article in the story. I was very disappointed about that. Robert, that’s not how friends treat you, I told him, then invited him to my house. Then we talked about it over a cup of coffee and I thought: then that should also be told in the story. We are friends for life, that’s how I see it. Robert is one of my five best friends. This is very important to me. Especially after the intense period hiding behind me. Tall trees catch a lot of wind, and I’m one of the most talked about people in the country.

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