Peter R. de Vries reveals a fascinating truth about Carlo Boszhard

For example, Peter told Presenter Beau van Erven Dorens: “Can I say one more thing, by the way, Beau?” I just asked Carlo, “Are you following that? “Is Carlo one of the greatest crime experts in this country.”

Peter has met few people in his life who know more about crime files than Carlo. “He follows and reads everything, watches all TV shows, documentaries, etc.”

Carlo admits that he loves crime and follows everything. “Every night I look at a new file, really. That’s very exciting to me.”

His infatuation with crime is mainly due to how the software is made. “But also because of the reconstructions of how it was made, with so much love for the closest relatives, there is also a tension in it. It’s so much fun.”

And Peter concludes by saying: “Whenever I come across it, he immediately starts talking about a file dating back fourteen years with a quote from that.”

Carlo was also present LoverWith Marieke Elsinga to talk about the new season of I can see your voice. The full conversation on this can be seen in the video below.

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