Petition for the right to the Mass River to the House of Representatives

On Tuesday, March 29th, the Mass Cleanup will submit its ‘Mass in the Law’ petition to the House of Representatives.

After the movement of organizations, (natural) organizations and citizens has already mobilized three times as many volunteers in 2020 and 2021 and removed thousands of kilos of waste from the shores of the Muse, Mass Cleanup is now putting the river on the political agenda. Structural solution .. In a nutshell, the petition calls on the House of Representatives to inquire into how laws and regulations can be applied to better protect the Muse and to protect and enforce its rights to run without waste.

Mass in law: Mass cleansing brings petition to the House of Representatives for rights to the Mass River.

Mass cleaning

Hope Waterwall, founder of Mass Cleanup: “The plastic problem in the rivers has been recognized for twenty years, but it is time for some forces to emerge. That’s why Mass Clean combines the strength of the business community and (natural) systems for our River Mask. Two months after our operations, the muse is again full of debris and plastic. We want to deal with the cause. That is why we are taking this petition and now we are taking the next step. ”

Muse in the frame

This is because, although many people are already determined to clean up the rivers, in the end no one will really be responsible for what ends up in the muse, Mass Clean sees. That is why the petition, drawn up by UN natural rights expert Jessica Den Outer, Nina Registerborg of Boils Xantors Advocate and IVN trainers, for example, asks the House of Representatives to consider whether Mass can be given legal personality.

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Jessica Ten Outer: “If people, companies and even municipalities can be legal entities, why not our nature? By granting Mouse the status of a legal person, a representative can ensure the right to flow without waste on behalf of the river. The Muse will not be the first river: it is already New Zealand, Bangladesh. It has happened in Ecuador, India and Colombia, so it’s really possible. “

The Muse flows only in the Netherlands, but the petition first focuses on the entire Dutch riverbed. Nina Rijsterburg: “In the Netherlands, much of the surface water has not yet met the chemical and environmental standards requirements of the European Water System Command. We need extraordinary approaches, such as granting rights to nature, to accelerate the improvement of water quality. ”

On the way to the hack

On March 29, Mass will depart in The Hague with a procession to the Cleanup House, where representatives of companies and nature organizations will present the petition to members of the House of Representatives at 1:30 p.m. The petition can be signed until March 28 interested in participating in the walk for the House of Representatives are welcome to start at 11:30 a.m. at the Gauteng 100, and register via.

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