Petition to let Jeff Bezos into space almost hit the target

A petition was launched in June to send Jeff Bezos, the former CEO of Amazon and one of the richest people on Earth, into space. Are you with that too? Then know that more signatures are needed to reach the intended number It arrives.

Today’s billionaires have the nasty hobby of polluting spaces with tourist trips. As if that didn’t happen enough on Earth already. Elon Musk and Richard Branson The rich ChineseThey all spoil space travel. Jeff Bezos did just that with his space company, Blue Origin.

Petition to allow Jeff Bezos into space

The petition winked, but it has a sharp message behind it. The petition begins, “Billionaire Jeff Bezos is financially and emotionally disconnected from humanity.” Now he is trying to achieve a complete separation by exiting the Earth’s atmosphere via a privately funded missile ship. A means previously restricted to developed countries and their peoples to unite them in a nobler endeavour: to inspire, serve and improve the quality of life on Earth. But Blue Origin is all about one thing: Jeff Bezos himself.”

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He seems to be obsessed with space (Photo: AFP)

Later in the petition, taxes and the petty measures the billionaire is taking to fight poverty or other social problems are discussed. Billionaires and corporations must pay their fair share. Until then, Jeff Bezos is allowed to go into space, and above all he must stay there. Until he discovers which intergalactic asteroid core holds his compassion and humanity.”

Need more signatures

At the time of writing, the token petition (Jeff Bezos has already returned) has been signed 198,016 times and the ultimate goal is 200,000 signatures. Then the procedure reaches state A Run Hopefully, some international media attention will follow. They are all drops in the ocean, but something is clearly not quite right in this world regarding the distribution of money. And all the attention to it is good. you can draw Here.

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Petition to let Jeff Bezos into space almost hit the target

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