Peto gives children a taste of science, technology and agriculture (Stabroek)

Even with tractor times. © rr


The transition from primary to secondary education is not always easy. Many children find it difficult to make the right decision. That’s why PITO organized a Do-Day.

At least 133 young people from the third grade of primary school were registered to learn about the workshops. This gave them a taste of science, technology, agriculture and gardening.

Deputy Principal Raf Van Bergen: “We offer dozens of workshops, which are based on the three pillars of our school: scientific, technical and agricultural education.” Due to the numerous registrations, two sessions were organized. Parents were given the necessary explanation about the school’s performance, along with a guided tour or bike ride to explore the school field.

Do chemical experiments.

Do chemical experiments. © rr

Kids can choose from climbing walls, programming robots, conducting science experiments, and working with a laser cutter or 3D printer. Animal lovers can take care of sheep, horses or cows. This way they can learn about life on the farm. Driving on your own with a tractor, under supervision, was also one possibility.

Technology appeals to the imagination.

Technology appeals to the imagination. © rr

Raf van Bergen: “Most of the open days, the schools show what they have to offer. Here the children can really do things and this is important when choosing the right direction in secondary education.” (evdw)

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