Philips Digital Signage ‘Extended’ Display

The PPDS comes with the new Philips S-Line Digital Signage “Extended” series. Developed to perform in environments with limited space or where an attractive alternative shape is required.

Philips S-Line digital signage displays are suitable for applications in transportation, among other things.

PPDS, a supplier of professional Philips monitors and solutions, reports that the Philips S-Line, first seen at ISE in Barcelona, ​​is now available in the Netherlands. A range of extended digital signage screens that open up new creative possibilities for presentations in environments with limited space.

This is made possible by the impressive and ultra-wide 32:9 aspect ratio (928.5 x 282.3 x 48.7 mm). Philips S-Line is a solution for a wide variety of applications, including in public places, (public) transportation, restaurants and stores.

Show more in less space

Complementing the existing PPDS digital signage range, the extended S-Line design and narrow frame (12.4 mm T/B, 10.5 mm R/L) offer opportunities in areas where conventional digital signage is not suitable. This is due to the limited dimensions available.

The displays weigh only 7.76 kg and can be installed in a variety of spaces. Also on temporary walls such as those used in kiosks and pop-ups in malls.

Independent and in the network

Philips S-Line displays can be installed as a stand-alone solution or seamlessly serialized using PPDS’ HMDI coupler technology. Philips S-Line runs on Android 8 and is optimized for native Android apps, allowing users to install the apps they want right on the screen.

The built-in media player also allows for easy creation and scheduling of content via USB and internal memory, so that screens always remain active, even in the event of a network failure.

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