Pieces of Her is a thriller in which Toni Collette steals the show

season one of. It will be available from March 4th. cut it out on Netflix. Toni Collette is back in the action genre and immediately stole the show. Read the review of Season Two of cut it out

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identity secret
The series revolves around Andrea Cooper and her mother, Laura. The mother and daughter have a good relationship and lead a fairly quiet life until the afternoon shopping turns into a huge battle. Andrea learns a completely different side of her mother and discovers that her mother is keeping a huge identity secret from her.

Source: Netflix

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Entertainment score: 65% | IMDb ★ 6.8.0 Update

This series is mainly saved by Toni Collette, who plays a lovely role as a mother. Her rival Bella Heathcote tries to be pretty and add a little to all. The series was supposed to pay more attention to the mother-daughter relationship, which may have helped make the daughter’s story a little better. The atmosphere in this series is exactly what it should be. The source material, thriller author Karen Slaughter’s book, is of course a proven story. However, the season is just one episode too long: 3 stars.

Tony Collette (Take out the knivesand Bella Heathcoteremains) played the main roles in the series. This production was directed by Casey Haver (Nine perfect strangers

From 4 March 2022 cut it out Season 1 streaming on Netflix. Series Rating: Thriller. Number of episodes: 8.

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