Piet Reijnoudt (85) Nieuwland prepares for the ninth night

Piet’s musical career began with some lessons in music theory, which he took with Piet Meliefste, founder of the music association Exercise na den Labor (ONDA). He played the bugle from April 8, 1948. He prepared that date in no time. “I started with eight boys and soon I was the only one left,” says Pite. Like now, young people sometimes prefer to play football instead of making music. He recalled once skipping school for a match because he had a tear on his lip. Eventually, he couldn’t throw. But that day the association won the first prize. “Then my father was waiting for me when the bus came to the village and I had to walk an extra lap through the village with the trophy in my hands in front of me,” laughs Piet.

Later, due to some shortage, he switched to garnet. He played this instrument until 1975, after which he switched to the euphonium, which he still plays today. He was elected president when he was 30 years old, which was a little more exciting. But after moving to board positions, at the insistence of the members, he agreed. He was the chairman till 1992. “After 28 years it’s hard not to repeat myself. Your ideas become obsolete,” says Piet. Now 85 years old, Piet struggles to read sheet music. An eye condition doesn’t make it any easier. But for now he is still enjoying himself as an active member of the association.

Muziekvereniging ONDA was founded on March 27, 1907. ONDA listens regularly in and out of Nieuwen Sint Jusland. The ONDA marching band plays in line. The corps has been headed by Cora Delliback since November 2010. On Saturday, April 15, 2023, ONDA is organizing the ninth edition of Night of Newland. Both ONDA and Jong ONDA perform a variety show at the Zeeuwse Concertzaal in Middelburg under the direction of Cora Dellebeck. Bass-baritone Martijn Hopp sings a few arias with ONDA. More information can be found here https://muziekverenigingonda.nl.

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