PinKids will be wearing colors from the new Minions movie

PinKids are wearing the colors of the animated movie Les Minions 2 – Once Upon a Time Gru this season. “PinKids was launched in 2011, with the premise of Zero Waste: finding outlets for all kinds of apples, even the smallest ones. Today PinKids represents over 5,000 tons.”

PinKids was carefully selected in the fall by 3249 French, Italian and Spanish producers. “It is the perfect solution for young people to consume a natural and healthy product, conforming to Pink Lady specifications,” they report.

For the 2021-2022 season, the amount of baby apples for kids was 5,500 tons, up 65% from N-2. Sold in 50 stores and in 15 countries, the UK and Ireland remain key markets with nearly 50% of volumes, followed by the Netherlands for the 2021-2022 season.

Therefore, PinKids is collaborating to release Minions this season. PinKids trays will carry the colors of The Minions 2 – Once Upon a Time Gru in 9 countries: France, Luxembourg, Norway, Holland, Ireland, Portugal, Italy, Germany and Spain. PinKids apple also supports DVD version. As of December, more than 1.8 million specialty trays are available in stores, which is 50% of PinKids’ volumes. Until March 23, 2023, a contest will be held in stores to win a Minions stuffed toy and game machine.

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