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direction: Robert Zemeckis | Scenario: Chris Weitz, Robert Zemeckis | spit: Tom Hanks (Geppetto) Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Jimini Cricket – voice), Benjamin Evan Ainsworth (Pinocchio – voice), Giuseppe Battiston (Stromboli), ao | game time: 105 minutes | year: 2022

Disney isn’t going to get rid of its plan to reshoot its archive of classic animated films with real actors in no time. Currently, there are at least sixteen reruns and sequels on the schedule and the list seems to be constantly expanding. Next year we can the little Mermaid Expect with real people / mermaids, followed by Peter Pan Wendy And the snow white. There will be new editions in the future Hercules And the Hunchback of Notre Damein addition to supplementing the new versions of the king lion And the Aladdin.

Why you want easy, uninventive remakes of near-perfect titles may still be called a mystery. You can perfectly serve your offspring the classics of yesteryear. Takes Pinocchio, the 1940 animated film in which Walt Disney created an iconic classic we’ve all seen in our childhoods. With wet hair and a bowl of potato chips, of course.

The story of a doll who wants to be a real boy this time is told by Robert Zemeckis, who drums for Tom Hanks for the role of Father Geppetto. Wearing a huge gray wig and moustache, Hanks portrays a caricatured doll and watchmaker. Desiring to revive the latest Pinocchio doll, the next morning he looked at a living doll. The shock did not last long. His “son” must go to school to become such a good boy.

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While Pinocchio must learn what real life is all about, storyteller Jiminy Cricket has been indulged in Pinocchio’s conscience by the fairy who makes Geppetto’s wish come true. There we immediately have controversy, because Americans who still live in the 16th century but have found their way onto social media are angry because the fairy is played by a black actress. Welcome to 2022. A much bigger shame (of a creative nature) is that translator Joseph Gordon-Levitt thought it necessary to give the cricket a southern accent.

In order not to destroy anything of her heritage, the people at Disney decided in all their wisdom to make Pinocchio “live action” as similar to the animated version as possible. A strange choice, because his cartoonish appearance presents a stark contrast to the real actors and the wooden boy does not contain any external emotions. An anonymous optimist Pinocchio goes through many life lessons disguised as adventures to learn the difference between good and evil. The cover of his nose often grows through lies and every time he falls into the hands of villains.

Zemeckis combined physical sets with unnecessary green screen work, so many moments look so clean and unreal that you still have the idea of ​​watching an animated movie. Every minute raises the question of why this reshoot was necessary. Zemeckis follows the original story very meekly, but allows himself more freedom at the end, when he should have backtracked. Kids will undoubtedly swallow this new soulless version, but if you really advocate for a good upbringing, you’re making the original.

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Pinocchio can be seen in Disney +.

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