Pirelli predicts: Two stains on hard tires after US medium-speed strategy

Faster strategies for the United States Grand Prix have been revealed. Byrelli The fastest strategy reveals two stops, with drivers making their tire changes between the first 12 and 17 folds, and then between the second and 32 and 37.

Drivers start according to the fastest strategy in the middle tires. There are two stains on the hard tires until the end of the race. So it seems that one-stop may no longer be an option as tire wear is estimated to be too high. Still, there are options for drivers to use faster tires more often.

For example, drivers and their strategists may choose to extend the first period in the media for the first fifteen to twenty times. Heart then follows a stint in the tires, followed by another switch, returning to the media. Pirelli says the strategy will be as fast as the first option, one stint in the media and two difficulties.

Auxiliary stock for soft tires, but an option

Soft tires play a supporting role during the United States Grand Prix in the United States. However, Pirelli is looking at the option to still use this tire. Drivers can choose to start with soft, then switch to hard tires after about 12 times, which will run for two stints. Let’s see what the drivers and teams are going to do at 9am.

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