Placing complex thick metal sheets in a limited space

The H-Brake 110T x 1600mm is built from a combination of proven technologies. The machine is equipped with an O-frame, which ensures a stable structure with minimal deflection. The hybrid motor only starts when the foot pedal is depressed. In the interval, the pump is turned off.

This unique driving concept makes the machine energy efficient for sustainable production. The machine has a pressing force of 110T over a working length of 1600mm. This compact and fast machine is very suitable for preparing complex small parts from thick plates and provides the ideal solution for businesses with limited space. These hybrid press brakes are also available in a comfort version.

AutoPOL Offline

The second feature is AutoPOL’s offline bending simulation software, which is a modern 3D system for offline compression brake programming and detection of 3D CAD files. Offline programming provides significant cost and time savings.

During the exhibition, SafanDarley will showcase the latest features in AutoPOL, including the 3D decomposition of multiple sheet metal parts, in which all properties remain intact and captured for production. The software can then immediately begin offline programming and select the ideal processing sequence. Downtime is reduced to a minimum for more efficient production.

Savan Darley
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