Plan many new homes and businesses in eastern Arnhem

The Eastern Arnhem Railway region should develop into a green area with a mix of living and work, with space for eight to ten thousand new homes and new sustainable businesses. This was stated in the Spoorzone Arnhem-Oost Development Perspective, which Arnhem City Council presented to City Council this month.

The area between the AKZO site, the knowledge campus in Arnhem and the Kleefse Waard industrial district is ripe for transformation, says Alderman Kathleen Bockamp (spatial planning). “There is a lot of potential in the eastern Arnhem railway area. It is close to the city and the floodplains of the Rhine, it has space for good public transport connections and can accommodate the homes and businesses that this city desperately needs. At the same time, along with the Arnhem-East approach, This provides opportunities to increase the quality of life in Preskhaf. “

Development Perspective, formulated by Omran BoraIt looks like 2040. In that year, nearly 16,000 homes were added to the city to accommodate the growth in population, and the number of jobs increased, as expected. A large portion of additional homes can be accomplished, according to East Arnhem College.

To get the flow into the neighborhoods, half of the homes will be affordable (up to the NHG limit). As of 2025, a quarter of homes will be built in a circular fashion, and five years later that will be half of all homes, according to BURA.

The development perspective also pays close attention to commercial activity. The municipality wants to free up space for existing and new forms of entrepreneurship, with an emphasis on collaboration and innovation. Arnhem wants to be at the forefront of the energy transition, which, according to BURA, can be achieved by connecting education, research and business in this field.

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“The Cliffsie Ward industrial park, for example, houses innovative companies and Van Hall Larenstein and Rijn IJssel offer the right training courses. Companies from other sectors are also showing an interest in establishing themselves here. That way we think we can create many new jobs for Arnhem,” he says Bora.

In addition to living and working, the plans pay close attention to gardens and trees. Along the railways to Zevenaar and Zutphen, the existing green spaces will be improved and expanded to the Arnhem-Oost Railway Park. This creates a green passage from Velloe to the Rhine.

“This part of town now lacks the green qualities that the rest of Arnhem is known for.” Marco Brockmann of BURA says, “Spoorpark adds a large, connected green space where people of different backgrounds can meet each other.

Park at the site railway site
There are also plans to create a new park on the site of the existing railroad yard. The municipality will discuss this with ProRail, with a view to relocating the rail yard. In addition to the garden, homes and businesses can also be built on the vacant site.

BURA believes that the traffic flow on existing railroads could be improved further by creating a separate stair intersection. The extra underpasses should connect down the living path better.

The municipality is also calling for the modernization of the Preschaf station to an IC station and the construction of a new station, Arnhem East. They must ensure that residents and employees have quick connections with other parts of the Netherlands and Germany.

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