Planning Bureau sees “hardly any room for wage increases” in the first few years

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There will be no room for wage increases in the next wage standard negotiations, when employers and unions agree on how much to increase private sector wages at the head of the bargain. The planning office said this on Friday as it presented new economic prospects.

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The planning office sees room only for a 0.1 percent wage increase for 2023 and 2024, during which time the next negotiations on an agreement between professionals will normally take place.

“Given the higher inflation in 2022 and 2023 and the faster adjustment of wages with inflation compared to wages abroad as a result of automatic standardization in Belgium, there will in fact be no room for negotiation of real gross wage increases,” the planning office publication says.

From 2025, there will be more scope for wage increases at the head of the index. For 2025-2027, for example, the Planning Office expects a margin of 0.8 percent per year on average. As a reminder: The IPA Plan 2021-2022 stipulated a 0.4 percent increase in the maximum wage, regardless of the measure.

Only on Monday, the three trade unions ACV, ACLVB and ABVV will hold a national union demonstration in Brussels for more purchasing power and against a wage rules law they believe is too strict. They want to amend this law before the next IPA negotiations begin at the end of this year.

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