Playbill displays the distance between written, spoken and spoken word

Playbill explores the limits of language as an artistic medium of expression. The site also indicates the connection: the former Parooltheater.

Edo Dexterhuis

“Dear Wes” is a preface to the letter Teresa Hak Kyung Cha sent to De Appel on March 2, 1978. The Korean-American artist wonders if the Amsterdam Arts Center is still interested in showing three of her films. The answer is no. Not because of the incorrect spelling of the name of Wies Smals, director of De Appel, but because the costs of acquiring the pre-customs business are prohibitively high.

Four years after the letter was written, “Cha” was murdered, shortly after her superhero novel filling has been published. She was only 31 years old.

Short correspondence of a practical nature became the occasion and theme of the first episode of a new artistic theatrical program. Playlist It’s called, the English word for “poster”. Visitors also receive this when they enter: a poster with Cha’s 44-year-old message imprinted on it.

into oblivion

This modus operandi is typical of artists/curators Isabel Sully and Martha Jagger, who place great emphasis in their projects on correspondence, archives, electronic documents and other paper artifacts of the art firm that usually remain invisible. By highlighting them, attention shifts from the art itself to the circumstances and conditions in which the art was made. This can be very useful, especially with artists like Cha, who have swam against the mainstream as a non-white woman.

Her message to Smalls in playbill An advertisement and part of a full evening programme. The three films Cha wanted to show are shown at De Appel. Every now and then there are readings of her poems, which have been forgotten for a while but now seem to find a new audience.

intimate setting

The poster’s size and font will look familiar to older readers of this newspaper. The paper is the same size as a tabloid-sized newspaper. The font used is a design by Maud Vervenne and is based on Rockwell, a font often used by newspapers. also site playbill He is linked to the newspaper. The Torpedo Theatre, in the center of town, was known for years as the Parooltheater.

With no more than thirty seats, this theater provides an intimate setting for the four editions of playbill which will be held annually. Due to the modest size, there is hardly any difference between stage and hall, which would certainly help convey Cha’s super-personal but sometimes incomparable work. Written, spoken and spoken words are as close to each other as possible. But there is always enough space for interpretations, judgments and doubts between different textual expressions.

Bill Bill: March 24 at the Torpedo Theatre

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