Playing in the snow was fatal to Quibos (3): “ Enjoy it for ten minutes ”

Its owner Gert Jan Packer says: “It looks like there is nothing wrong.” Cuypos was always playing in the park, but he got out of the day ten minutes later and finished playing. “He lay inside immediately. We rubbed him warm, but soon his back leg started to pull out. Dribble came out of his mouth and in his eyes we saw that the situation was not going well.”

Snow stir

Within minutes, Kwibus was dead. “We think it was a combination of the weakness of his heart and the excitement of snow. The cold must have played a role too.”

Geert Jan Quipus will be buried in the garden. “We’ll try to make a hole. It’s sad. He will be four in the spring. He was still very young.”

Cat flap

Animal Protection Niels Dorland says it’s exceptional for a cat to die in the snow. “I’ve never heard of this before. Usually cats take cover when it gets really cold. That’s why on cold days it is important to tap on the hood before you drive away, because there might be a cat underneath.”

Dorland thinks most cats don’t want to go outside today. “Cats are animals that seek warmth.” In principle, cats outside in the winter are not affected by the cold, but it is important to always be able to go indoors. It is helpful for the cat flap to function properly. “If domestic cats find it too cold outside, they will stay inside naturally.”

Scrub the dogs dry

Dogs can also catch a cold in the snow. Therefore it is important for dogs to keep moving. Especially when they are rolling and playing in the snow. In severe cold, according to animal protection, it is useful to lubricate the soles of the feet with Vaseline or special tar that you can buy at the veterinarian.

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Eating ice is not good for a dog, as it may cause intestinal and stomach pain. Also licking road salt is not good, so your dog could get salt poisoning. Animal protection has one final tip: Scrub the dog until it dries after walking and provide a place where he can warm up again.

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