PlayStation Plus games announced for February 2021!

Sony today announced the launch of free PSPlus games for February 2021. Next month we’re not just working with Destroy all stars On the PS5 (and it’s free until April 5, 2021), but we’re getting a very large selection of PlayStation 4 consoles. Control: the absolute version at Reap the concrete Free for PlayStation Plus members all month long!

Since Sony has already given us some great PS5 games as a gift in recent months, we actually got two this month. Control: Ultimate Edition is a game that gets a lot of support on PlayStation 5. The final version of the game not only looks better on the new console, but also contains The Foundation and AWE expansions. Of course Concrete Genie looks great on both the new console and the old console with its bright colors. The game also supports PlayStation VR, so players who use PSVR glasses can have fun again.

PlayStation Plus games starting February 2021 will replace the January 2021 games.

The free PlayStation Plus games starting January 2021 will open the way to these three great games in a few days. You can still get it for free until January 2 Manneteer On the PS5 and you can use the PS4 Shadow Tomb Raider at Gridval Downloadable. Just be quick, because February 2, 2021, the date the games will disappear as a free PSPlus title, is fast approaching!

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