Plenty of space is provided for balconies in many municipalities

If the terraces are allowed to open again next Wednesday, many catering establishments will be able to expand their terraces so they can receive more visitors from a distance. This is evident from Omroep Brabant’s tour along the various municipalities.

According to the rules of relaxation, a maximum of fifty visitors will soon be allowed to sit on the balcony, one and a half meters away. Not every balcony is so large that many visitors can sit at that distance. This is why terraces may extend in many places.

Early relaxation
Hence, most municipalities rely on rules that were already introduced last summer. Until then, the halo rules have been relaxed so people can sit on the stands again. For example, the municipality of Breda says: “In the summer of 2020, more terraced space has already been made available in Breda, which is still in effect.”

The municipality of Eindhoven also makes this possible: “to keep the balcony capacity somewhat as per the standards. This creates space for entrepreneurs and guests.”

Tilburg municipality also stresses that it’s not just entrepreneurs who get extra space. It also gives more people the opportunity to sit on the balcony. A spokesperson says, “If there is a place, the entrepreneurs are allowed to expand to a maximum of fifty guests on the balcony.” The opening of the stands also helps spread the audience. There will then be more usable public spaces. “

Also smaller municipalities
And it is not just the big municipalities that provide space for entrepreneurs in catering. In general in consultation with the environment. For example, the municipality of Bladel says it will make municipal land available to catering companies free of charge.

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“This way we give them the space to run their businesses in a fairly normal way.” Also in Bernheze, Heusden and Waalre, for example, no compensation is required for the additional square meters of the balcony.

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