Podium for Jack Miller in the Australian Superbike Final

Jack Miller | Photo © ASBK

Jack Miller finished his appearance as a guest on the final round of the Australian Superbike Championship at The Bend Motorsport Park on Sunday. The win in both matches went to Wayne Maxwell.

After recently finishing his MotoGP season with a podium finish in Valencia, Jack Miller finished his 2021 racing activities at the home performance at the well-attended Australian Superbike Final on Sunday at “The Bend Motorsport Park”.

Miller, who qualified second in his Ducati Panigale V4R with standard electronics on Saturday for two races on Sunday, got off to a good start in the first race, but after six rounds the race was interrupted by a red flag situation. The race resumed in a three-round sprint race. Miller had a good start in the resumption, but then engaged in some frantic advances. Things got worse when Aidan Wagner tried to pass Miller, losing his front end and taking Miller with him in his fall.

This first race of the day was overtaken by Maxwell Glenn Alerton, Crew Holiday, Lachlan Epis and Daniel Fallson.

Late in the day, the second Superbike race was also marked by a red flag situation, this time it went wrong in the opening lap. After the restart, Miller came in fourth after the first round. Miller passed the Sound Police, the son of world superbike legend Troy Bailey. Ducati Lenovo Team Rider then chased down first and second place favorites Maxwell and Alerton, but the odds of catching that pair were very low. After he won the first race, Maxwell again crossed the finish line as a winner over Alerton and Miller, ending his guest appearance on stage.

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Holiday finished fourth in the second race after approaching Miller in the finals.

In his run-out, Miller delighted fans with some wheels and burnouts, saying he really enjoyed his guest appearance and was finally happy to ride again for his Australian team.

Jack Miller: “I think we can be very happy with this decision. The boys rode well today. Normally my starts were very good, but in this case I try to get away as if I were at a traffic light, I can not! It was so awesome. Thanks to everyone who came, It’s a pleasure to see ASBK this way. I love racing motorcycles, which is why we’re here and would love to come back and do it again. ”

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Before reclaiming his factory Ducati MotoGP engine for the first time at the Sebang Test in early February, Miller will now enjoy a decent break at home in Australia during a two-month winter break.

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