Poets in Prinsentuin will move to Hortus this year

Poetry Festival The Poets of Princeton will be held this summer at the Hortus Botanicos in Haren. The organization announced this on Wednesday.

From the evening of Friday 9 July to Sunday 11 July, Hortus provides space for poetry for more than seventy poets. Holding the festival in Prinsentuin is not an option this year. Prinsentuin poets are famous for their abundance of poets and direct contact between audiences and poets. This space cannot be served downtown which is why people move to Hortus. “Visitors can once again discover the wonderful poems, see the performance of well-known and new poets, and in the meantime also enjoy this beautiful site,” says Artistic Director and Corinne Decker, who is also happy to collaborate with Hortus.

Given the space at Hortus, it’s possible to offload more luggage this year. For example, there are more poets performing, there are poetry performances and there is an ongoing children’s program. The program starts every day at 11 am with poems and spoken words. In the evening there is plenty of room for interviews and in-depth conversations. Among the poets involved were names such as Anneke Brassinga, Marjoleine de Vos, Dorien de Wit, Paul Demets and city poet Myron Hamming.

More information about the program It can be found on this site.

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